Supercharge Your Almond Crop

Almond Road in bloom

Fall: Is there anything that makes a difference now?

What you do now sets up significant gains for next season's crop!

The weeks between harvesting almonds and the onset of winter dormancy is a vital time for supercharging next year's crop. Through winter they cannot take additional nutrients from the soil through their roots. As early bloomers, almond trees are now preparing for the next fruiting season. They are taking in and storing nutrients to be ready to bloom when the days lengthen again in late winter.

REGENiSYS™ is a bio-available organic fertilizer and biostimulant with plant hormones, enzymes, fulvic acids, humates and 18 essential amino acids. These boost growth while strengthening plant and soil health through all lifecycle phases.

Applying REGENiSYS Soil through irrigation systems or ground sprayers after harvest provides almond trees with the comprehensive range of nutrients they need for flower formation, maturation, pollen production, root development, and stress tolerance for bloom.

REGENiSYS Soil fertilizer and biostimulant is readily and quickly absorbed by plants making it an excellent solution for seasons where time is short, and results are vital.

In addition to the soil application, REGENiSYS Foliar spray is also beneficial at this time. The foliar spray can be taken into the leaves of the tree immediately and has the added benefit of inhibiting pathogen and fungal propagation on the surface of the branches and leaves. This gives the trees the best nutrient-rich clean entry into the winter season, vital to maximizing the bloom and initial nut formation in the spring.

Like REGENiSYS Soil, REGENiSYS Foliar has the same comprehensive active components, which are readily and quickly absorbed by plants.

Winter: What have you got for me?

Timing is everything, and the growth cycle starts before winter is over.

If you've applied REGENiSYS after harvesting, you'll want to double-down and supercharge your almond crop. We recommend a winter application of REGENiCHAR™ to begin preparing the soil for beneficial microorganisms when they recover from dormancy in spring. If you didn't get those earlier applications of REGENiSYS done, you'd still get gains by digging in REGENiCHAR now.

REGENiCHAR is biochar infused with REGENiSYS. Added to the soil, it provides a perfect environment for root development, reduces leaching and provides a supportive nutrient-rich habitat for beneficial microorganisms.

At the pink bud stage, spraying with REGENiSYS Foliar works as a fertilizer and biostimulant. While boosting the available nutrient for your trees, Regenisys Foliar also assists in healthy bloom development and maturation while helping to combat fungal attacks.

Spring: Supercharge your growth

Spraying again at full blossom will assist with pollination. REGENiSYS Foliar works as a pollinator attractant, inhibits fungal growth, and provides additional resources for the trees rolling into fruit set.

Not only does REGENiSYS Foliar attract pollinators, but early lab testing results with pumpkin flowers show it may also extend the pollination window.

REGENiSYS Foliar is non-toxic for pollinators and readily taken up by plants making it an effective resource to either boost your pollination season or help compensate for nutrient deficiencies from fall.

What makes REGENiSYS better?

Amino acids are essential for plant development and growth. When you use conventional NPK fertilizer, you apply the plant's elemental building blocks to make these amino acids. The problem with this approach is that plants cannot easily take up these chemicals. Over-application occurs, which harms the microorganisms that make these elements bioavailable. As a result, fertilizer elements are wasted because they can't be used before leaching out of the soil.

REGENiSYS contains 18 of the amino acids essential for plant development and growth. REGENiSYS skips the 'building blocks' phase and supplies complete amino acids, hormones and nutrients. Your trees can uptake, use, or store them efficiently and quickly. This means a higher and more immediate impact from applications and less nutrient leaching and loss.

Get the REGENISYS advantage now and supercharge next season's almond crop

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