Energy start-up bringing carbon
removing solution to NZ industry

BioEnergy Solutions NZ is bringing a carbon-negative energy solution to New Zealand.

The modular 2MW and 4MW Energy Junctions provide base-load generation with methane storage, providing peaking and thermal heat options suitable for industrial decarbonisation and grid support.

Leaning into the expertise of Canada's oil, gas and coal industries, BioEnergy Solutions has adapted several technologies into a new closed-loop, zero-carbon, zero-waste system using renewable biomass feedstock.

The integration of energy and microalgae production fully utilises every valuable component of the biomass.

The Energy Junctions are zero-emissions systems. Greenhouse gases released through the generation process are contained and used to produce agricultural bio-products.

The modular unit design minimises the units' footprint and establishment costs. It also allows output flexibility to suit different industrial and commercial requirements.

"Our solution is a zero-emission, carbon-negative and organic-waste-to-energy and bio-products facility," co-founder Rod Millynn says.

"The Energy Junctions are fully-integrated, waste-eliminating thermal power generators fed by biomass waste streams. Processing three tonnes of biomass removes two tonnes of CO2e from the atmosphere."

Millynn says the Canterbury-based start-up is excited to bring the BioEnergy Solutions technology to Aotearoa in 2022.

"Our team sought an energy solution beyond just minimising or reducing emissions. The Canadian-designed BioEnergy Solutions Energy Junction ticked all the boxes for us."

"With two operating in North America, we are impressed by the ability of the system to actively remove carbon from the atmospheric cycle. So, of course, we are keen to bring this beneficial technology to Aotearoa - New Zealand."

Bio-products for use in agriculture play an integral decarbonising role in the system.

"The bonus for us is the bio-products we make actively improve soils, and therefore the waterways, while supporting plant growth, biodiversity and food security."

"The BioEnergy Solutions system ensures carbon from the feedstock is returned to the soil - where it belongs."

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For more information, please get in touch with Rod Millynn, at BioEnergy Solutions NZ.


Mobile: +64 (21) 576 514

About us: BioEnergy Solutions NZ Energy Junctions are a zero emissions, zero waste, carbon- negative, closed-loop energy system.

BioEnergy Solutions was established in Canada in 2015 to optimise and perfect the generation of carbon negative energy from biowaste. Potential feedstocks include municipal green waste, forestry slash, food waste and marine waste, There are currently two facilities in North America: Columbia Falls in Montana, United States and at the Horse Lake First Nation at Hythe, Alberta in Canada.

Energy Junction features: