REGENiSYS™ and your crop

Regenerating the soil is the key to ongoing productivity on-farm. Healthy soil grows healthy roots, which means more vigorous, healthier and more productive plants.

Whatever your crop - grass for grazing, food crops or orchards - having strong networks of beneficial fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms in your soil is vital for plant health.

Plants have co-evolved with these microorganisms for over 3000 million years. They exchange nutrients, water, and sugars with beneficial bacteria and fungi, which protect them from pathogenic organisms.

The connection between plant health and microorganisms is now widely accepted by biologists. There is ongoing research to understand how these symbiotic relationships and nutrient exchange mechanisms work. Still, there is clear evidence that they exist and boost plant productivity.

Unhealthy soils trap agriculturalists in a cycle of ever-increasing fertiliser, pesticide and herbicide use to maintain production levels. The loss of the soil biome through repeated and increased applications of artificial chemical inputs also leads to other environmental issues, including destructive nutrient loss into waterways.

REGENiSYS offers a sustainable pathway out of that trap. Replenishing soil carbon with REGENiCHAR™ - an activated biochar infused with the scientifically formulated REGENiSYS solution - provides the habitat and nutrients soil microorganisms need to thrive. These ingredients also directly support rootzone take up of nutrients in your crop, ensuring more robust plant growth.

REGENiSYS Soil and REGENiSYS Foliar provide additional plant support, to get the best productive potential of your crop.

The combination of amino acids and additional essential nutrients provides an immediate boost. By feeding plants the amino acids and supporting nutrients in REGENiSYS, the plant no longer requires as much NPK fertiliser.

Usually NPK is applied to crops to boost growth. The plants use these elements to produce amino acids, from which they build proteins, sugars and facilitate photosynthesis. As REGENiSYS provides bioavailable amino acids and supporting nutrients, crops no longer require heavy doses of NPK fertiliser for strong growth and yield.

As the soil biome is restored, the requirements for REGENiSYS application reduces.

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