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BioEnergy Solutions uses Energy Junctions to generate electricity and produce Regenisys Organic Agricultural Biostimulants. Both are essential to the company, allowing a complete circular waste-to-energy-to bio-products system that actively removes carbon from the atmospheric cycle.

Meet the BioEnergy-Solutions Inc. Founder

Kari McDonald

Kari McDonald
founder of BioEnergy-Solutions Inc. - Canada

With a career in environmental remediation specialising in restoring land used by Canada's resource sector, Kari saw the potential of the Green Power House prototype in Montana, United States. She bought the technology in 2018 and set about perfecting it to create the Energy Junction: a commercial Carbon Negative, Zero Waste solution. Leaning into the expertise of the Canadian oil, gas and coal industries, BioEnergy-Solutions Inc. adapted several technologies to allow for more diverse feedstock options and greater output. The Energy Junctions provide the basis for the REGENiSYS™ range of organic agricultural biostimulants. All generation emissions and residues undergo microalgal processing. The resulting REGENiSYS Bio-Products improve plant productivity and soil health while sequestering carbon out of the atmospheric cycle. With two Energy Junctions operating in North America, Kari is supporting to bring this technology to Aotearoa-New Zealand. team

Rod Millynn

Rod Millynn(Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Kahungunu)

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Victoria Wolfe

Victoria Wolfe

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Michael Rait

Michael Rait

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Graham Osborne

Graham Osborne (Ngāi Tahu - Ōtākou)

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Energy Junctions

There are currently two BioEnergy-Solutions Energy Junctions operating in North America, with more in development.

Energy Junction 1: Columbia Falls - USA

The original facility, formerly known as the Green Power House. BioEnergy-Solutions used the heat-to-power conversion expertise from the Canadian oil and gas sector to refine and perfect the technology.

Columbia Falls - USA

Energy Junction 2: Horse Lake - Canada

Located in Canada, Horse Lake is the first plant constructed to the new design. The commercialised facility brings together improved generation and energy transfer through the advanced engineering solutions derived from the oil and gas sector.

Horse Lake - Canada

Find out how the Energy Junction can work for you

Regenisys Organic Agricultural Biostimulants

BioEnergy-Solutions uses microalgal processes to return carbon residue from our Energy Junctions to the soil as valuable biostimulants. REGENiSYS products regenerate soil while increasing plant health.

The balanced formula is scientifically developed to support soil biology, restoring its ability to capture and naturally cycle nutrients and retain nitrogen.

REGENiSYS biostimulants provide a high-yield alternative to traditional fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides while allowing the soil to increase its biodiversity and rebuild its carbon reserves.

REGENiSYS agricultural stimulants are currently available in commercial quantities for United States customers.