Energy Junctions

Carbon Negative, Zero Emissions, Zero Waste Green Energy

BioEnergy Solutions NZ uses biomass and carbon-based waste to make electricity, sequester carbon and improve pasture and food production.

Energy Junctions are now generating in North America. BioEnergy Solutions NZ is actively seeking development opportunities in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

Energy Junctions - actual green generation

Organic carbon engine

BioEnergy Solutions Energy Junctions are carbon-negative, zero emission, waste-to-energy systems.

Energy Junctions generate power for connection to an electricity grid - local or network.

The modular 1MW, 2MW and 4MW facilities provide base-load generation. Storable biogas produced in the process can be used for managing peak demand or thermal requirements.

All CO2 produced is captured and sequestered through our carbon-negative processes.

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Industrial decarbonisation

Energy Junctions actively decarbonise industrial processes. Their ability to produce thermal heat alongside electricity provides a flexible solution for multiple energy requirements.

The optimised system can handle a variety of lower value feedstocks by maximising biogas outputs. This makes the Energy Junction a cost-effect replacement for standard wood or coal boilers.

The Energy Junctions are carbon-negative facilities with all CO2 captured and sequestered, accelerating emissions reductions and decarbonisation for many industries.

Interrupt biomass waste streams

Energy Junctions use Organic Carbon Engines for electricity generation, biogas and heat. They can be used to support the grid or provide industrial energy.

All feedstock Components are retained and utilised.

Biomethane is reused to support the Energy Junction's operation. All carbon residues, including gasses, are captured and processed within the algae-based Bio Reactor system producing carbon-sequestering biostimulant products.

Biomass Feedstock

Anaerobic bioreactor

Woody biomass (vegetation, untreated timber offcuts, forestry slash)

Green waste

Food waste

Animal and marine processing waste

Bio-waste solids and manure

Cost-effective, lightweight and scalable

Modular design and a small footprint make Energy Junctions cost-effective, lightweight and scalable. It also means they can be a good fit for difficult or off-grid locations.

Steel Frame for Horse Lake Energy Junction

Simple, sustainable foundation methods

Quick-to-build sprung structure building envelope

Containerised modular plant supply and installation

90-days to build, install and test

Returning carbon to the soil

BioEnergy Solutions integrates pyrolysis and algal bioreactor systems to generate truly green electricity.

Every 3 tonnes of biomass processed through the Energy Junctions removes 2 tonnes of CO2e from the atmosphere.

The BioEnergy Solutions cycle processes generation residues into valuable agricultural biostimulants, which sequester carbon in the soil - where it belongs.

Our Regenisys™ bio-products actively improve soil and support plant growth, biodiversity and food security.

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